Blob MouseTM Flexible Human-Computer Interface

Medibotics' patent-pending Blob MouseTM technology is a blob-like, deformable, rollable, and at-least-partially convex device that translates human motion into signals that control one or more aspects of the operation of a machine.  It comprises a flexible outer layer, a deformable inner filling, and a plurality of pressure sensors.  Signals from these sensors are interpreted to measure deformation and rolling motion caused by contact with a human hand which, in turn, control one or more machine functions. 

Medibotics Blob MouseTM: Surface View

Medibotics Blob MouseTM: Interior View Showing Matrix of Pressure Sensors

There are many potential advantages of a blob-like human-to-computer interface as compared to a traditional computer mouse and other related art.  These advantages include: flexibility in possible support surfaces and working environments; avoiding health problems from repetitive hand and finger movements; customization for individuals with reduced hand and finger functionality due to illness, injury, or birth defect; rich three-dimensional motion control; and possible stress reduction and weight management benefits. 

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