Electricity Generating Clothing

Medibotic's patent-pending wearable electricity-generating technology uses hydraulic or pneumatic passageways to create a wearable, portable, washable, and relatively unobtrusive device for efficiently converting movement of a relatively large portion of the human body into electricity.  The components of this technology include: flow passageways (such as lumens or bladders) that are worn externally on the body; a flowable substance (such as a liquid or gas) within these flow passageways that is moved by body motion; and one or more electricity generators driven by flow of the flowable substance. 

Wearable Electricity-Generating Technology: Potential Flow Details

Wearable Electricity-Generating Technology: Potential Flow Pathways

These flow passageways can be part of flow circuits with one-way valves.  As the body moves, the walls of the flexible flow passageways intermittently compress, interacting with the one-way valves to pump the flowable substance into circulation around the circuit.  This circulation can rotate a turbine which drives a generator to create electricity.  In an example, these components can be worn by incorporating them into clothing.  Since the flexible flow passageways would probably not be harmed by immersion in water, this system may be washable -- especially if the generator can be detached before washing and reattached after washing.

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