Localized Sound Environments for Enhanced Sleeping

Medibotic's HushBand™ is a sound-emitting headband (or hat) that masks or cancels annoying ambient sounds while one sleeps.  It includes: a soft and stretchable headband (or hat) that covers the sleeper's ears; and one or more sound-conducting tubes that are woven, sewn, or otherwise integrated into the headband (or hat) that emit sounds that mask or cancel annoying ambient sounds.  A sound-producing device can be incorporated as part of the headband (or hat) or can be external to the headband or hat.  HushBand™ has no rigid components covering the sleeper's ears that could become uncomfortable as a person sleeps on their side with their ear pressed against a pillow.   Also, sound-emitting tubes can cover a greater area than speakers.  This can allow easier fitting of the headband (or hat) for people with differently  shaped heads and allow better maintenance of sound masking over the sleeper's ears while the sleeper tosses and turns.

HushBandTM Sound-Emitting Headband to Enhance Sleep

As part of Medibotic's portfolio of devices for localized sound environments for enhanced sleeping,
Medibotics also has a patented sound-emitting blanket technology that creates customized sound environments for different sleepers in the same room or even in the same bed.  These customized sounds environments can mask unwanted environmental sounds and create soothing adjustable localized sounds environments for each sleeper.  In a queen-size or king-size bed, sleepers on different sides of the bed can control their own localized sound environments, particularly if they pull the top end of the blanket up near their heads.

Sound-Emitting Blanket:  Localized Sound Environments for Sleepers

A sound-emitting blanket with adjustable localized sound environments can offer advantages over current methods for masking sound to enhance sleep.  Sound-emitting units that are placed on a bedside stand are more distant from sleepers' ears and tend to be heard by all sleepers in the room.  Accordingly, stand-mounted units offer less localized sound control than blanket-based technology.  Sound-emitting pillows can produce muffled sound when there is too much padding between the pillow speaker and the sleeper's head, but can be uncomfortable when there is too little padding between the speaker in the pillow and the sleeper's head.  Sound-emitting devices with speakers that are worn on the head can deliver sound close to a sleeper's ears, but the speakers can press against the sleeper's ears and can shift location as a sleeper tosses and turns in their sleep.

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