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Medibotics LLC is a Minnesota tech start-up with selected product concepts and development work at the convergence of medical technology and wearable technology including: wearable devices (e.g. Motion Recognition Clothing and modular smart clothing, the Willpower Watch wearable food consumption monitor, and wearable brain activity monitors); implantable devices for modifying food consumption and absorption; sound masking; and personal mobility.

Robert A. Connor (B.A., Princeton; MHA, Duke; Ph.D, Wharton School) is the CEO of Medibotics and a university Professor Emeritus.  Dr. Connor conducted research and taught courses in the health sector for over twenty years, including courses on product development (including prototyping) and medical technology (including assessing unmet clinical need and market potential).   Dr. Connor serves on the Board of Advisors for Kinevision, whose mission is to analyze the products and training methods of the world's most elite athletes, has served on the Health Care Technology Decision Sciences Study Section of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and has been the Principal Investigator on competitive federally-funded research projects.  He was honored as Inventor of the Year by the Minnesota Intellectual Property Law Association and listed as a top inventor in Twin Cities Business Magazine. Recently with respect to wearable technology, he spoke on the panel "Quantifying Yourself:  Do All Those Fitness Wearable Devices, Health Details and Graphs Really Make a Difference to Your Health?" in the Wearable Tech Conference, in Los Angeles on 12/9/2013.   Bob founded Medibotics in 2008.  He also has highly-honed Frisbee skills.

Chinmay Manohar (B.E., Industrial Electronics; M.S., Electrical Engineering) is the CTO of Medibotics and a clinically-trained engineer with over eight years of R&D experience including physical activity measurement and real-time analysis of biological signals.   Chinmay conducted human motion research at Mayo where he was key to the development of MEMS-based wearable technology for measuring physical activity.  This technology was licensed to a start-up which won the Minnesota Cup.  Chinmay is now an Independent Engineering Consultant and pursuing an MBA. 

In December, 2013, Dr. Connor spoke at two sessions of the Wearable Tech Expo 2013 in Los Angeles. One session was on the use of wearable technology to collect and use data in sports.  The second session was on the use of wearable technology for fitness and health applications. 

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Medibotics: About Us

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